Lancet Health Services CPD Center

It envisions and is committed to advance the knowledge and enrich the competency and performance of its staff members and the wider community engaged in health care delivery.
The center has established office, conference facility and human resource. It is led by a committee with defined responsibilities. The committee is chaired by the director of the center. The director of the center is appointed by the governing body of Lancet Health Services.

  • Education & Professional Development Committee (EPDC)
    Major Responsibilities
  • 1.Establish EPD program and systems at Lancet Health Services
  • 2. Register Lancet Health Services as CPD provider and Accreditor
  • 3. Pre-accredit providers and CPD courses
  • 4. Lead and coordinate delivery/administration of EPD trainings
  • 5. Contribute improvement in CPD program management and administration in Ethiopia
  • 6. Liaise with professional associations, Health & sponsors
  • 7. Monitor the effectiveness of EPD activities

  • CPD center Activities
  • • Deliver training on cross cutting topics
  • • Prepare training database and registry
  • • Develop electronic platform
  • • Perform CPD need assessment from the health work force and support staff
  • • Establish sustainable partnership with stake holders
  • • Conduct performance audit for quality improvement
  • • Perform Monitoring and Evaluation
  • • Prepare regular report Bottom of Form

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