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About Lancet General Hospital

A Group of 24 specialists and sub-specialists in the field of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Oncology, Hematology, Orthopedic Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Histopathology, Radiology, Critical Care and Anesthesiology, formed LANCET and it is expected to bring exceptional revolution in all forms of medical and surgical treatment in Ethiopia at a different level than it used to stagger at and well above it used to be.

All the specialists and subspecialists at Lancet are among the best, if not the only in the country in their respective fields working at Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital and St. Paul Hospital. They have been making the final decisions for all the patients referred from all over the country. These experts were difficult to get them alone let alone together in a private hospital as there were the dominant service leaders in different private hospitals. Now that they are at one location in the best building collecting the best health care team, it will be a huge solution for all patients requiring multi-disciplinary treatment as they will be getting the service at one place at a higher standard.

Founders of Lancet

24 renowned specialists and sub specialists of various
medical fields.
• Dr. Henok Seife - CEO
• Prof. Berhanu Nega - Vice CEO
• Dr. Mathewos Assefa- Vice CEO
• Dr. Kibruyisfaw Zewdie- Vice CEO
• Dr. Desalew Mekonnen
• Dr. Selamawit Assefa
• Dr. Geletaw Tessema
• Dr. Endale Anberber
• Dr. Seyfemichael Getachew
• Dr. Yared Zenebe
• Dr. Fahmi oumer
• Dr. Abdulaziz Abubaker
• Prof. Berhanu Kotisso
• Prof. Nebyou Seyoum
• Dr. Rediet Ambachew
• Dr. Yonas Bekuretsion
• Dr. Wondemagegnehu Tigeneh
• Dr. Woubedil Kiflu
• Dr. Assefa Getachew
• Dr. Fisihatsion Tadesse
• Dr. Rahel Tilahun
• Dr. Seid Mohammed
• Dr. Sisay Teklu
• Dr. Yohannes Berhanu


To revolutionize healthcare in Ethiopia by delivering exceptional, state-of-the-art, and accessible medical services that significantly enhance patient care and outcomes nationwide, while ensuring comprehensive and integrated healthcare under one roof.


Our mission is to address healthcare gaps in Ethiopia by offering advanced and specialized medical services. We are dedicated to optimizing resources in order to provide better patient care, focusing on reliability, affordability, and high quality. Through the establishment of expansion and multispecialty centers, our goal is to ensure accessible and comprehensive care throughout the country. Our commitment lies in improving lives through a patient-centric approach, prioritizing accessibility and delivering exceptional quality.

Core Values: 

• Excellence
• Compassion
• Innovation
• Compassionate
• Care Legacy

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