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Inside the Life-Saving World of Hospitals: A Look at Lancet General Hospital

Lancet Health Services PLC was conceptualized as a union of specialists working under one roof for the provision of complete and quality healthcare services in 2016. The notion was enriched progressively, and the PLC was established in 2019 by enrolling 24 renowned subspecialists of various medical fields. Knowing the backwardness of the higher, tertiary and specialized level treatments in Ethiopia in both private and government setups, the concept of having super-specialized Health care center was of an emergent need. Its name was borrowed from the oldest and best-known reliable general medical journal called ‘The Lancet’.

Lancet Ethiopia has brought high end services which have attracted many government and non-government organizations to sign agreement for their staff medical services including CBE, National Bank, Awash bank, Ethiotelecom, multiple local and international insurances including Cigna, Hibret bank and many others through special recommendations.


Our Departments

Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

The department of dental and maxillofacial surgery offers a full…


The Dermatovenerology Department at Lancet General Hospital excels at diagnosing…

Pediatric Surgery

The Pediatric Surgery Department at Lancet offers the latest diagnostic…

Cardiovascular Surgery

The Cardiovascular Surgery department at Lancet provides high-quality care for…

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You can get all subspecialists and subspecialty care under one roof

We provide healthcare at one place, and we call it “a one-stop-health shop”. Whatever type of disease you might be suffering from, Lancet is the best place to restore your health without needing to go to any other place or having a doubt that you might be receiving suboptimal care. Come to us, and we will provide you with the best available care in our country and to the best of our capacity!

All the specialists and subspecialists at Lancet are among the best, and the pioneers of their respective fields in the country working at Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital and St. Paul Hospital. They have been making the final decisions for all the patients referred from all over the country. Getting them in one place would be a huge solution for all patients requiring multi-disciplinary treatment as they will be getting the service at one place at a higher standard.

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